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Letting Go Cover.jpg

Letting Go Signed Paperback

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Maybe not everybody gets to come back from their mistakes...

Carlos Herrera just did six months in prison. He wants to move on and forget his past, especially what he did to his girlfriend Valerie back in high school.

Ever since Valerie died, his life spiraled out of control. He desperately needs forgiveness. From Valerie’s parents.

From himself. 

Carlos’s mistakes keep him awake at night. They won’t let him go. 

Carlos must find a way to forgive himself before the grief consumes him from the inside out. But when the last person he loves is stolen away from him, Carlos wonders if life is worth living anymore. 

Until a girl named Naomi enters his life one night.

Naomi pulls Carlos back from the edge, but Carlos knows he’s not ready for a relationship. His heart is in pieces, but it aches for Naomi.

What’s the right thing to do?

Because if he makes one more mistake, he may not be able to come back from it this time. 

Author Recommendation: Please read Better Off (Prequel) first in order to avoid spoilers. 

Please note: this book is intended for readers aged 14+ due to some cursing/sexual situations/suicidal thoughts.